Book of Vile Darkness

Book of the most vile secrets in the multiverse


This large book is held together by decrepit black bindings that appear to be made out of scorched flesh. The pages themselves seem to be torn,frail, and tinted a deep yellow by extreme age. The writings contained within are printed in a dialect long forgotten by civilization. This book emanates evil, the average man can’t even stand to be near it for very long.


The true origins of the Book of Vile Darkness are unknown, although several theories exist. In truth, very little is known about the book, except that whomsoever reads it is soon driven insane and that where ever it may be, death and destruction soon follow. It is rumored that the Book of Vile Darkness holds all of the darkest secrets of the multiverse, including spells of great and terrible power. Any who seek the book are no friend to the living.

Book of Vile Darkness

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